Welcome to my online portfolio.


Hello, I am a teenager with a blog.  Fear me.

This is mostly used for school-related purposes so keep that in mind I suppose.


We were instructed by WFA officials to create our own screenplay– no more than 10 pages long. We took any creative liberties so long as the final project contained enough conflict and rich dialogue. We were given two weeks to construct a script with three acts. The screenplay was written in an online program entitled ‘Celtx’.


Paracosm (.celtx file)

Paracosm (.pdf file)


Constructing a script was an overall fulfilling experience in which all my wildest dreams came true. It was fun writing the dialogue of imaginary people who only existed in my mind. Our patron writer, Mr. Rappaport,  guided us when we felt our stories hit a dead end although at times, his suggestions only made me a tad more irritable. Armed with only a keyboard, the rich words submerged deeply in my mental abyss flowed through onto each blank page. My story concerned the life of a young girl named Dahlia who was unlucky enough to explore a terrible building at a terrible time. This is my first attempt at writing a screenplay, and there are certain aspects of it that I’m not happy with. But, ignoring that, I am glad that I got a chance to be part of a writing workshop that inspired me to better my writing capabilities. I aim to become a far better writer, and with that I conclude my reflection.


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  1. What is the purpose to your life?

    You don’t know? You’ve been living almost 20 years and yet you are clueless as to how you want to continue your future?

    Are you mad? Do you feel blame onto others?


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