Fourteen Shots List



We were given the task of carrying around pricy cameras whilst taking images of anything we saw fit, as long as they were included in the given list. The list shall be displayed by the end of this sentence.

  1. Establishing Shot
  2. Centered shot
  3. Rule of Thirds
  4. Wide angle
  5. Medium shot
  6. Close up
  7. Extreme close up
  8. Headroom
  9. Nose room
  10. Lead room
  11. Pan (slow & smooth)
  12. High Angle Shot
  13. Low Angle Shot
  14. Point of View Shot


Fourteen Shots (.pdf)


I’m not necessarily happy with the results on this project. If given more time, perhaps my partner and I wouldn’t have felt inclined to take pictures of random objects in a rushed frenzy. There are only two images I like out of the bunch and that, in itself, is sad. Very sad. My partner and I also had multiple issues of retaining a good camera, seeing as they were only a few to spare of a group of over 40 students. We had also lost our footage from another camera as well. I am honestly embarrassed to post this junk here so I apologize beforehand for any damage to your corneas.


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