Camera Movements Lab



This assignment was one of the first that actually involved filmmaking rather than still images. We were instructed to shoot a short film that illustrated a person walking into a classroom. We were to use our creative liberties to make the film far more interesting. My group’s first shooting was lost so we performed this task two times which was strenuous on our morale. The finished outcome is somewhat decent but I felt that our creativity wasn’t necessarily used to its fullest potential. Once we were done filming, we were responsible for editing it and posting it on multiple sites. (ex. vimeo, schooltube)


Watch on Vimeo



The first shooting I did with my initial group was pretty fast-paced, seeing as other groups were right on our heels, demanding their turn with the dolly. I was given the task of camera woman (by force actually) and I proceeded to yell at 3 guys to do my bidding. But, I was also working on another project at the time and may I remind you that it was entirely rushed. When I was ready to edit the film, I discovered that my group (nor I) took a mental note as to where we placed the disk containing all our work. So it goes. I joined another group and assisted them with their shooting. I believe my lap top was stepped on during shooting but otherwise, there were no further complications. Currently, I am in midst of the editing process which is proving quite easy.


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  1. Hey Sethgreensmanlymusk. This is an awesome video. I enjoyed watching the different shots put together seamlessly to create the overall effect of a student entering a room.

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