Resume and Other Nonsensical Things



We were instructed to compose a resume and curriculum vitae for acquiring a job listed on any website. The one I have chosen to apply is this one. Ultimately, it does not matter whether or not I am hired but what does matter is that I know the steps required to pursue such a career.



Resume (.doc)

Curriculum Vitae


This self-centric escapade successfully opened my eyes to how incompetent my skill set is. I must go on to improve myself by taking internships and job opportunities in the near future. Resumes are entirely fun to write and in a sense, it is gratifying to write a detailed expose on oneself to truly understand how pompous I am. It’s also a frightening realization that I will be writing these resumes in the near future for authentic job opportunities, competing with a good number of other people for the chance of employment. Now I deeply sympathize with my mother for having endured such a tiresome tirade. I had originally put off this assignment, thinking it would be a horrible plight and all together useless. But I must admit it was a breeze and dare I say it, FUN to do.


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