Media Arts Festival Production- PSA



We, in a group hand-selected by our own will, were to forcibly enter in a contest we were not ready to participate in. We were rushed all the way through but we all attempted to create a video of our own devisings that would inform the general public about earthquake safety.



Pre-Production Packet

-composed of storyboard, shot list, shooting schedule, props, make up, costume, location shot list, and character/actor breakdowns.


Video (hosted on Google Docs)


They were other topics  besides earthquake safety of course, which now sound much more appealing, but my group and I had a great deal of fun while filming so I can’t complain. There was a point whilst shooting in which I stopped trying due to looming due dates that were far too demanding to complete such a gargantuan film. I know I could have done far better if given the appropriate amount of time. I am shrugging as I am typing this. I felt like you should know.


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